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Environmental Consulting

Identify, understand and quantify environmental impacts through evidence-based analysis and interdisciplinary research.


Economic Analysis

Economic analysis for policy, on-the-ground decision making and expert reports,supporting agencies such as the State of Washington and other government institutions across the country.


Columbia River Basin

Working with 15 Tribes, local to federal agencies and Canadian partners, businesses and colleges, we have worked on solutions that build stronger economies, natural systems and cultures throughout the Columbia River Basin.


Who we are

Batker Consulting LLC provides professional environmental economics analysis for project, policy and funding mechanisms. Based in the Pacific Northwest we are known nationally and internationally in the fields of natural resource and environmental economics, ecological economics, ecosystem services, coastal restoration, recreation and disaster mitigation. Batker Consulting LLC is led by Principals David Batker, Tania Briceno and Joshua Reyneveld.

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We bring balance to human development and the environment through full-value economic analyses. Our insights enable the implementation of project, policy, and funding solutions for a more equitable and healthy world.

Our work includes benefit cost analyses and socioeconomics for disaster risk reduction, storm management projects, green buildings, restoring floodplains, improving shipping efficiency, reducing carbon emissions or valuing ecosystem services. This work brings the human economy into balance with natural systems, promoting restoration and conservation.

Our Services

Batker Consulting's unique mix of cutting edge economic analysis, scientific research and accessible communications is executed by an effective, receptive, and creative team.
Our modeling brings together diverse scientific, social, and economic data sets, and is compiled, analyzed and communicated for pragmatic results and maximum impact.


Ecosystem Service Valuation

Valuing nature is critical to good decision-making. Briceno and Batker are among the world leaders in ecosystem service valuation.



Policy Advancement

David Batker and Tania Briceno have helped improve policy at international, national, state and local scales.



Expert Witness Support

David Batker and Tania Briceno also provide expert witness reports and court testimony on the value of natural systems and damages caused to the environment and people.




The Batker Consulting team translates economic analysis for easy visualization and scalable results. They also conduct analysis of large datasets through GIS tools and statistical models.

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