Dave Batker

President, Batker Consulting LLC

Dave Batker is one of the world’s foremost experts and leaders in the field of ecological economics. He founded the non-profit Earth Economics and was the Executive Director and President for 21 years. Prior to that he worked with the World Bank, Green Peace, and other national and international agencies to shift economies towards more sustainable paths. His work has been quoted in over 300 newspaper, radio, and television stories and his projects span over 40 countries and 35 US states. He has introduced ecosystem service valuation to cities, counties, state agencies, private firms and citizens across the country. He advises federal, state and local agencies on including the economic benefits of nature in economic decision-making. His approach is pragmatic and solution- oriented. He specializes in translating biophysical sciences into clear socio- economic indicators and cultural values and in designing innovative, cost- effective funding mechanisms for sustaining and restoring natural capital. His work has influenced federal agencies working on ecosystem services and benefit/cost analysis, such as FEMA, HUD, GSA, the ACE, and NOAA.


Doctor of Philosophy, Economics (abd) | Louisiana State University
Master of Science, Economics | Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Science, Biology and Earth Sciences | Pacific Lutheran University

Tania Briceno

Ecological Economist, Batker Consulting LLC

Tania Briceno is an ecological economist with over 15 years of experience conducting environmental valuations, socioeconomic analyses, and ecosystem service assessments. Currently she is a Senior Economist at Batker Consulting LLC. Previously, she served as Program Director and member of the leadership team for Earth Economics. Tania has a PhD in Environmental Economics from University of Montreal and has dedicated most of her research career to the ins and outs of ecosystem service valuation. She also worked with the Government of Canada creating policies that integrate economic and ecological goals through the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. She has also worked with industrial ecologists at the University of Science and Technology in Norway to better account for greenhouse gas emissions and identify economic activities with the greatest potential for reductions.

Tania is currently based in Jackson, Wyoming and leads Batker Consulting’s team of researchers and data analysts to align biophysical and socio-demographic data with economic frameworks that answer pressing questions and offer guidance to decision-makers. She has been working closely with David Batker for over seven years and is excited to join him at Batker Consulting to continue applying ecological economics to solve today’s problems with a broader lens.


Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Economics | Université de Montreal, Canada
Master of Arts, Ecological Economics | University of Leeds, UK
Bachelor of Arts, Economics and International Development | McGill University

Joshua Reyneveld

Principal, Batker Consulting LLC

Josh Reyneveld is a multi-disciplined expert in program/project management on technical policy, design and multi-stakeholder projects. He is a project leader/ facilitator with years of experience with ecosystem valuation projects. He co- founded Earth Economics in 1997 with David Batker, and served as Board Chair and in various support capacities for over 18 years and still serves on the Advisory Board. Trained/licensed as a planner, architect, and engineer, Josh has focused most of his career on endeavors that shift investment towards greater social resilience and sustainable business and policy practices. He has over 25 years of executive-level experience with multi-disciplined planning and design consultancies. He has been engaged with natural capital economics and resilience projects in Colorado, New York, the Midwest, the Gulf Coast, and California. Josh is a nationally recognized expert in designing high performance technological infrastructure integrated with energy and water conservation and natural systems. He has developed cutting edge data center projects for Microsoft, Apple, the U.S. Defense Department and projects for firms and government agencies across the US.

Ryan Tartre

Research Analyst, Batker Consulting LLC

Ryan Tartre is a research analyst with an environmental science background and expertise in marine systems and policies. He is particularly interested in the cultural role of fisheries and the livelihoods sustained by the industry. He has published work on the prevalence of seafood fraudulence across businesses, and has provided guidance to Marine Scotland on how to improve biosecurity around their ports. He also studies invasive species management and the design and application of international laws for it. At Batker Consulting, he finds needed data sets and analysis tools, carries out economic and biophysical analyses, supports with GIS needs, and is an avid writer.


M.S. Marine Systems and Policies | University of Edinburgh
B.S. Environmental Science | University of Vermont
B.A. Classical Civilization | University of Vermont

Ryan Hasert

Research Analyst, Batker Consulting LLC

Ryan Hasert serves as a research analyst for Batker Consulting. He has a background in journalism and environmental studies, and has previously contributed to environmental news and media, covering a variety of pertinent topics, from the environmental impact of coal port terminals, to disappearing glacial ice caves and first nations’ natural resource rights. Additionally Ryan has worked within the conservation and land management fields, having participated in several environmental restoration projects and monitoring studies. With this experience he brings an understanding of ecology and restoration implementation to the team. Previous experience with geospatial and remote sensing technologies allows him to contribute to GIS analyses that inform our work. His research interests include conservation finance, environmental policy, and geospatial tool development for environmental and development economics. Always active outdoors, in his free time Ryan can be found venturing into the Pacific Northwest landscapes by foot, pedal, or ski with his partner and dog.


B.A. Envronmental Studies and Journalism | Western Washington University
B.A. of Public Administration | Syrcuse University

Zachary Christin

Economist, Batker Consulting LLC

Zach's research focuses on post-disaster recovery economics, regulatory policy, urban systems, and advancing applications of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) in federal policy. He holds a Masters from the Evans School of Public Policy at UW, and published research focused in Puget Sound, the Colorado River Basin, Louisiana Delta, and Bay area counties. With David Batker, Zac led research to incorporate environmental benefits for FEMA’s BCA tool, resulting in FEMA Policy FP-108-024-01. Christin also participated in HUD’s National Disaster Resilience Competition as a Subject Matter Expert on BCA.


Master in Public Administration, Environmental Policy | Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington
Bachelor of Science, Economics and Statistics | University of Puget Sound

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