Company Background and Experience

As ecological economists, David Batker and Tania Briceno have successfully led transformative projects together for more than seven years, and are dedicated to executing increasingly impactful, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions-based projects. They have a proven track record with notably successful outcomes. Josh Reyneveld and David Batker have worked together in project planning and management for more than 20 years. As a team, their experience encompasses a broad range of applied work with cities, counties, states and federal agencies, First Nation tribes, corporations and NGOs across the United States.

"We're only satisfied when our work is manifested in measurable physical and economic changes where people, communities and the environment are flourishing."
- David Batker

"Our team is creative yet pragmatic, adaptive and strongly committed to getting the job done, those are all things that make our work fun and meaningful"
- Tania Briceno

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