Columbia River Basin

David Batker and Tania Briceno have completed over a dozen studies examining restoration, recreation, economic development, and more in the Columbia River Basin. Batker has presented to elders and elected representatives of 15 ColumbiaRiver Basin Tribes, and the U.S. Negotiating Team for the Columbia River Treaty. He has worked with cities, counties, state agencies, watershed restoration organizations, conservation districts, and private companies in this region. Efforts include improving sustainability measures at the Wallula Paper Mill and helping secure funding for the expanded Walla Walla Community College Water and Environment Building.

While President of Earth Economics, Batker conceptualized, developed, and secured partnerships with the Upper Columbia United Tribes, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and Pacific Rivers for an economic analysis of The Columbia River Basin. The report team, led by Lola Flores, completed "The Value of Natural Capital in the Columbia River Basin" report, which provides an estimate of the value of the Columbia River Basin at over $199 billion, examines improvements to dam operations that enhance salmon productivity and sustainability, provides descriptions of cultural value and recommendations for the current negotiations between the U.S. and Canada for the Columbia River Treaty.

Other interesting details about our work:

• First ever ecosystem service valuation of the Columbia River Basin showing $199 billion in value.
• First comprehensive recreation study of Washington State including the landscapes that provide recreation.
• Helped secure $7 million for Walla Walla Community College Water and Environment Center.
• Collaborated with 15 tribes in the Columbia River Basin.
• Presented to U.S. Negotiating Team on Columbia River Treaty.
• Assisted Wallula Paper Mill with environmental, economic and social measures.

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